“There are remarkable therapeutic effects” — Harvard neuroscientist

“Stress Crusher”

Supports mood, sleep, and even cognitive performance

Backed up by 1,019 scientific studies, it’s 100% organic and finally available in the U.S.


Dear Reader,

If you feel drained...

If you crash hard with afternoon slumps...

If you feel worn out, irritable, and overworked...

Then you need to pay VERY close attention.

Too much stress is NOT natural, not normal, and not inevitable.

And it’s not something you have to put up with.

But it is serious.

The American Psychological Association calls stress a “public health crisis.”

The Mayo Clinic reports that it can lead to everything from a ruined sex drive to chest pain to fatigue and overeating.

Stress is a REAL, physical problem — the same as a stomach virus or a broken leg.

Fortunately, there is a real, physical solution.

And over 1,091 research studies in prominent journals like the Annals of Neurology are confirming what Chinese and Indian healers have known for thousands of years:

That there is a 100% natural way to help fight back against stress and TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE.

In this brief report, I’m going to tell you exactly what this breakthrough is, the science behind it, and, most importantly, how YOU can harness its incredible power to reclaim the peace of mind you deserve.

My name is Alex Reid.

I’m the founder and CEO of Bambu Naturals, a global nutritional research company.

For years, I worked as a writer and health journalist...

Traveling the world and covering stories on new breakthroughs in science, health, and biotechnology.

You may have seen my work advertised on Yahoo!, Business Insider, and CNN.

Life was good...

But then, one day, everything changed when my father’s health started failing long before it should have.

Overnight, my entire world crashed down.

For years, I had written about the future of medicine...

The amazing operations, procedures, and cures that were just over the horizon.

But none of that was helping him.

In fact, as his health deteriorated, the only thing hospitals seemed to contribute were massive bills.

So I did what I do best:

I started researching... interviewing doctors, PhDs, and scientists...

Trying to find a way to help my dad without him having to go through the pain of misdiagnoses...

Or even worse, go through expensive and dangerous medical procedures that may actually be worse than the underlying problem.

And what I found shocked me...

My search revealed more than 17,810 safe, scientifically validated natural ways to fight disease and extend your life!

I’m talking, of course, about plants.

And while many of these plants were first discovered in sacred traditions, the best of them are backed by cold, hard science.

Even through a skeptical lens, the results were incredible.

When I realized just how many alternative treatment options there were, I made it my mission to find out which ones could help save my dad’s life.

And I’m happy to say that my dad is still fit, happy, and healthy to this day.

But he’s just one among millions — if not tens of millions — who feel abandoned by the mainstream medical world.

Far too many people have no clue about the powerful natural remedies that exist outside the mainstream medical complex.

Remedies that — when you look at the scientific data — are often MORE effective than pharmaceuticals.

That’s why I started Bambu Naturals.

To help others discover the incredible gifts of the natural world.

After all, 78% of all pharmaceuticals are derived from plants in the first place.

So let’s cut out the middleman!

And I’m proud to say this mission has taken off.

Since our humble beginnings, we’ve expanded rapidly — to offices in Maryland, Virginia, and Florida.

And our mission has attracted some of mainstream medicine’s top minds...

From prestigious institutions like Harvard Medical School to the University of Maryland and even the United States Air Force.

All together, we work with a network of more than 50 experts to identify the most effective natural plants and compounds that can help you live a better life.

And nowhere is that more true than with today’s subject:


For 3,000 years, ashwagandha has been the workhorse of Ayurvedic medicine.

It goes by many names, including Indian ginseng, withania somnifera, and winter cherry.

It’s a small shrub about 14–30 inches tall with yellow flowers.

And although the flowers are beautiful in full bloom, the roots are where the true power lies.

Because if you get the RIGHT kind of ashwagandha (more on this in a moment), you will have an incredibly powerful tool in the fight against stress.

Taking a small amount each day could be all that stands between you and the calmness and clarity you deserve.

Ashwagandha has long been used in the Eastern world...

And now Western science is finally understanding the complex biological mechanisms behind this life-changing plant.

It turns out there are multiple phytochemical compounds that give this plant its incredible properties.

They include:

The amazing healing properties come from these compounds.

And the most important of these phytochemical compounds are withanolides and alkaloids.

But it’s the combination of ALL these compounds that is believed to create a powerful synergistic effect.

And the fact that one root contains all of this is truly mind-blowing.

So how do they actually work?

The Effects of Stress
on the Body
(Could Ashwagandha Help?)

Remember, stress can physically harm your body.

Many of those harmful effects are linked to the body’s adrenal glands.

Your adrenals are part of the endocrine system, which produces cortisol.

Cortisol is essential for the normal functioning of the body. It assists with hormone levels, metabolism, blood pressure, and more.

However, an overload of cortisol can be a massive problem.

It can lead to:

And guess what?

Too much stress causes your adrenal glands to flood your body with excess amounts of cortisol.

That’s why experts call cortisol the “stress hormone.”

But here’s a little-known secret:

Research suggests that ashwagandha PROTECTS against the adverse effects of too much cortisol...

Basically “turning down” the stress “volume knob.”

How Incredible Would
That Feel?

Imagine the stress of everyday life just melting away.

The constant emails and phone calls just rolling off you like rain on a raincoat...

The demands of work and family suddenly feeling small and easily fulfilled...

The endless chatter tuned to a dull roar and then tuned out completely...

Allowing you the clarity and calmness you deserve.

Well, new research suggests that you don’t have to imagine.

In 2012, a research group set up a double-blind placebo-controlled study involving 64 adults who were struggling with stress.

The goal was to see how effective and safe ashwagandha is.

Could this plant REALLY make a massive improvement for these stressed individuals?

Here’s what happened:

Half of the participants were given an ashwagandha supplement twice a day.

The participants in the other half of the group were given a placebo.

Both halves of the group took the capsules for a full 60 days.

And the results were staggering.

When comparing the ashwagandha group to the placebo group, the ashwagandha group:

To top it off, the researchers reported that there were no serious adverse effects.

Overall, the study authors concluded that ashwagandha:

“Safely and effectively improves an individual's resistance towards stress and thereby improves self-assessed quality of life.”

This is a chance to let the slings and arrows of modern life bounce harmlessly off you...

And to work better, sleep better, and simply FEEL better...

WITHOUT having to throw everything away and move to an isolated mountain community.

And the benefits may actually go far beyond your mood.

Support Healthy Brain Function With the Help of Ashwagandha

New research shows that ashwagandha increases glutathione.

Experts refer to glutathione as the “mother of all antioxidants” in the human body.

This antioxidant is critical for:

Here’s the good news...

Your body naturally produces the mother of all antioxidants!

But here’s the bad news....

Your body’s natural glutathione levels are easily depleted.

Pollution, stress, and aging — all of these lower your blood’s glutathione levels.

When the levels of glutathione in the blood decrease, it also means your brain glutathione levels decrease.

Aging and depleted glutathione are the perfect recipe for causing damage to brain cells.

But a recent animal study shows an incredible way to fight back.

In this study, the researchers found that withanolide — one of the central elements of ashwagandha, as we mentioned earlier — increases the levels of glutathione in the brain!

Ashwagandha could be the key to supporting a sharp and clear memory.

Ashwagandha Has the Potential to Promote a Healthy Memory!

Do you ever forget where you put your keys? Or have a hard time recalling a phone number? It happens to the best of us...

But what if you could forget less?

What if your mind were as sharp as it was in your prime — and STAYED that way for years to come?

Well, ashwagandha may be the answer yet again.

Ashwagandha actually contains two different powerful withanolides: withaferin A and withanolide D.

Withaferin A and withanolide D are the two primary memory-boosting agents that promote healthy cognitive function.

But that’s not all...

Researchers also discovered an indirect way that ashwagandha supports brain health.

They found that ashwagandha root boosts a particular protein in your liver that then enters the bloodstream.

From there, it moves to your brain, where it fights against damaging amyloid plaques.

This mechanism may explain the MANY brain-supporting effects scientists have observed:

Imagine if you could wow your friends with your memory skills...

Never forgetting a name or an event and being able to keep a young, sharp mind!

Ashwagandha can support a healthy memory by promoting healthy cognitive functioning.

Sounds Incredible, Right?

A 100% natural plant that supports your mood AND memory?

Backed up by both hundreds of years of traditional use...

And now thousands of research studies by medical and scientific journals?

So what’s the catch?

Well, for a long time there was one...

It was very difficult to source high-quality ashwagandha in the United States.

But that all changes STARTING RIGHT NOW.

Because I’m thrilled to announce Bambu Naturals’ brand-new dietary supplement, AshwaPRO.


It’s made in our state-of-the-art Jordan, Utah, lab with 100% ORGANIC ashwagandha.

And ZERO fillers.

We’re taking a stand against the bottom-shelf or off-brand products that add fillers...

Fillers you DON’T want in your body.

They add these into their ashwagandha for one reason: to make it cheaper to produce.

But ours is different.

AshwaPRO only has two ingredients:

  1. 100% Organic Ashwagandha
  2. 100% Organic Black Pepper

And if you haven’t heard of using black pepper in your dietary supplements, you’re in for a treat.

Because this is a way to “supercharge” the already incredible effects of ashwagandha.

Increased Bioavailability With Black Pepper

Black pepper is essential for increasing the bioavailability of healing plants.

Oftentimes, your body has a difficult time breaking down herbs into useful components.

This means a substantial portion of the ashwagandha root is simply left to waste...

You could even say you’re flushing your plants down the toilet.

But black pepper contains a powerful compound called piperine that assists the body with absorption, making the root more bioavailable.

Research from the Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine shows it can boost the bioavailability as much as 200%.

That’s literally DOUBLING the value of your supplement.

And both the ashwagandha AND the black pepper we use are 100% ORGANIC.

Always Go Organic!

Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, chemicals, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, artificial coloring...

These are all things you don’t want in your body.

After all, you’re here to SUPPORT your health, not cause more harm.

If an ashwagandha extract is truly organic, it will be certified organic by UDAF.

Don’t trust products that say they are organic but don’t have the UDAF approval to prove it!

This goes not only for the extract but also for the capsule itself.

You want a quality capsule that’s vegetarian and completely free of harmful additives.

And our organic ashwagandha meets all our criteria for a premium, top-tier product:

The Only Organic Ashwagandha You Need

Our ashwagandha is natural, 100% organic, highly potent, and has an added bonus of black pepper for increased bioavailability.

For hundreds of years, ashwagandha has been one of nature’s best body-nourishing herbs.

And our perfect mixture of organic root with black pepper takes this health-enhancing herb to a whole new level.

If you want to reclaim your vitality and fight back against stress, then our organic ashwagandha root with black pepper may be the perfect fit for you!

To enjoy AshwaPRO, all you have to do is take one capsule each morning.

That’s it.

No injections

No fistfuls of horse-sized pills.

No dealing with endless insurance companies and hospital red tape.

And all of it is carefully formulated and manufactured in a state-of-the-art U.S. lab.

Now, here's the best part...

Because our ashwagandha comes straight from the lab, you won't have to pay any expensive markup.

There are no retail store or warehousing costs for you to cover.

That means we can sell this U.S.-made supplement for far cheaper than it would normally cost.

It's a heck of a deal...

You get an ultra-premium product at an ultra-low price.

And we're so confident in the quality of AshwaPRO that we're offering a 30-day, 100% money-back, no-questions-asked guarantee...


If AshwaPRO doesn't leave you immediately feeling calmer, more energetic, and ready to seize the day...

All you'll have to do is return any unused portion for a full refund.

It doesn't matter if it's one day or three weeks from now...

Unless you're 100% satisfied, you'll get all your money back.

It's as simple as that.

That means, financially, there's no risk to you whatsoever when you order a bottle today.

But there's ENORMOUS risk in continuing to struggle with daily misery.

You’ve heard a lot of misinformation in your life...

And the deck has been stacked against you for a long time.

But that can all end today.

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And when you order your bottle, I'll also send you something very special, completely free of charge...

Another incredibly powerful tool in your fight to restore the happy, healthy mood you deserve.

Because one of the biggest NEGATIVE effects of stress is sleep disruption.

Which also happens to be one of the biggest CAUSES of stress.

And one of the best ways to fight back is to get deep, restful sleep.

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